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Standard Horizon Handheld Radios


Used, removed from service
Model #HX471S
Very good condition
Includes two radios, charging stands (12 volt), power cords and belt clips
Radios are submersible
Radios will store GPS position if signal fed to charging stands
Can be used to send DSC distress call on marine band
Includes emergency strobe signal

Radios transmit and receive on:
VHF FM marine band
FRS (Family Radio Service)
MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service)

No license is required on FRS or MURS bands

Radios receive only on:
AM broadcast band
FM broadcast band
VHF AM aircraft band
Marine weather channels
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Newer current models do not include MURS Band


List Price Pair (New):      $832.00
Street Price Pair (New):
My Price Pair (Used):      $350.00